How does Wataboard compare to the more expensive brands?

People are emotional beings. We automatically think that a more expensive product must be better. This couldn’t be more far from the truth. There are thousands of similar products in various industries that have huge price differences but many times the least expensive ones are no different from the more expensive competitors’ products.

Wataboard is a superb product. It is made with high quality standards and designed with performance in mind. Everything from the hose, to metals, down to the smallest screw, we took great care in fabricating and designing our product. Performance wise Wataboard is on par with the high priced brands and in some ways is even better.


Compare us to other brands

Price$1999 – $2999$5000+
Counter rotating nozzles with optional lockYesYes
Highest thrust to weight ratioYesYes
High quality 115mm diameter hoseYesX
Thrust booster systemYesX
Shockproof U pipeYesX
3rd axis Y manifold (available on EX2)YesX
Made in USAYesX
2 year warrantyYesX

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