Can I use my jet boat with reverse instead of a jet ski?

In order to connect the hose to the back of the pump there must be some attachment fitting to allow for quick connection and disconnection of the hose. The Wataboard comes with this nozzle/attachment. You will have to take everything off the back of your pump so that the pump is exposed. Once you can access the stock venturi/nozzle you’ll need to take it off the pump. You will attach our nozzle to the pump. Once the nozzle is attached you can then quickly connect or disconnect the hose or U pipe from your boat.

Once your stock nozzle is taken off you have no way of using the steering and reverse. You will need to purchase our steering adapter that has a quick connect. This adapter will allow you to quickly go from boating mode to fly mode. Your reverse bucket should have enough space to clear the steering adapter. But before purchasing our steering adapter please contact to verify. Not all jet boats are the same.

If your boat is longer than 10 feet you will need to extend the standard hose by the length of your boat. This will require a purchase of our hose extension kit. If your boat is longer than 10 feet your boat is heavier than a jet ski. The person flying on the Wataboard has to be careful not to reach the end of the hose. Once the hose is tugged the rider will mostly likely fall. So a use of a heavy boat is not recommended but you can connect the standard hose with the extension directly to the back nozzle without the U pipe and have the rider fly at the back of the boat. The operator of the boat throttle must be careful not to let an inexperienced rider get too close to the boat. At all times the rider and the throttle operator must be aware of each other proximity.

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