warranty and returns

Wataboard hydro-flight devices come with a standard 2 Year Warranty for none commercial use. Hose warranty is for 1 year.

Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Physical damage to product resulting from improper or extreme use.
  • Physical damage to product resulting from maintenance neglect. It is your responsibility to follow recommended maintenance schedule outlined in the online manual.
  • Physical damage to the hose resulting from improper handling or from debris. Take care of your hose by not dragging it on the ground or operating in conditions with floating debris.
  • Damage or loss of hose clamps. It is your responsibility to always re-torque each clamp prior to use.

Returns are accepted in the same condition as they were sold to you. Used items do not qualify for a refund. A restocking fee may be applied to all accepted returns at our discretion.

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