Do you manufacture other hydro jet flight devices?

Currently we are focused on building the best “jet board” style device on the market. But, we are in the development stages of other very cool and exciting devices.

Can I use Sea Doo Spark?

No this will not work on a Sea Doo Spark because that jet ski does not have enough power to lift a 150 lbs. rider above 10 feet. Flyboard by Zapata has an adapter but even their Flyboard will not go above 10 fit. It's just not fun. For this...

Why does Wataboard use a 115mm hose?

When we started designing the Wataboard we tested many different hose sizes. We tested hoses from 101mm all the way to 152mm. Eventually we settled on 115mm because it was the perfect balance between rider experience, jet thrust, and jet ski fuel...

What type of jet ski do I need to use the Wataboard?

If you’re just getting into hydro flight or going to be renting out a jet ski with 130 horses will do. But if you really want to enjoy this sport you definitely need a powerful jet ski, one that can lift a rider well over 20 or more feet above...

Does the jet pump adapter fit most jet skies?

We designed the pump connector to fit 99% of most jet skies. If your ski has a 4 stroke engine than it will fit. Jet skies such as a Sea Doo Spark have smaller engines and jet pumps so they will not be compatible with our connector. You also do...

How does your steering adaptor work?

Our steering adaptor plate converts your stock nozzle into a quick connect steering adaptor. You simply attach your stock nozzle to this adaptor.

How high can I fly?

This question comes up quite a bit. The height at which you can fly at is limited by your jet ski, your weight, and the hose. A standard 60 foot hose weighs over 360 pounds when fully charged with water. Add to that your weight plus 60 pounds for...

What is the difference between Standard and Pro hoses?

The Pro Hose is much more durable and can withstand a lot of abuse. It is also smoother inside so water flow has less friction. This yields more thrust and less fuel consumption. The only trade-off is that it is 20 pounds heavier than the...

What is the difference between EX1 and EX2 models?

EX2 has a flexible Y manifold that can flex side to side. This is the third axis. The benefit is that you can do more tricks and it also absorbs the side to side tugging of the hose so the ride is smoother than boards with rigid Y...

How does Wataboard compare to the more expensive brands?

People are emotional beings. We automatically think that a more expensive product must be better. This couldn’t be more far from the truth. There are thousands of similar products in various industries that have huge price differences but many...

Why does Wataboard cost so much less than other similar products?

There are several reasons why we choose to sell our product for much less than our competition; most of our manufacturing is done by machine shops with whom we have long established relationships. Because we use these shops for manufacturing...

What is the weight limit?

If you have a jet ski with over 250 HP you can easily fly a person up to 300 lbs. An easy way to estimate how much power you need to fly over 10 feet above water is 1 horsepower to 1 pound.

Is there training or anything I should do before purchasing?

Training is not necessary. Most people get it within 15 minutes. But there are plenty of videos on YouTube to watch and get pointers. If you have a local flyboard rental, I would recommend getting a lesson from...

Shipping to other countries from USA?

Shipping from USA to any country is via FedEx. Transit time is about 7 days. Cost varies by country and is between $350 to $550 for the complete kit.

Can I use my jet boat with reverse instead of a jet ski?

In order to connect the hose to the back of the pump there must be some attachment fitting to allow for quick connection and disconnection of the hose. The Wataboard comes with this nozzle/attachment. You will have to take everything off the back...

Adapter to attach Wataboard to other brands?

At this time we do not have an adapter that will allow a Wataboard EX1 or EX2 to fit on to other brands unless they use a hose diameter of at least 115mm.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes, we have a wholesale pricing rate. Please contact us for more information regarding wholesale discounts.

Is wireless remote available?

At this time we are not offering our own wireless remote. No current plans exist to bring one to market.

I want to start my own rental business. Do you provide assistance?

We are always happy to offer any advice regarding rental operations. We have many customers who own and operate rental businesses. We will be glad to pass our knowledge to you.

Does the refurbished kit come complete and does it look nice?

All of our refurbished kits come complete and ready to fly. Cosmetically they look almost brand new. They all come with a new hose and many other parts.