Power Flow System Assembly

Step 1. Connect one end of the 10 foot section hose to the U pipe with two (2) 120-130 steel clamps.

(1) Make sure that the cable that supports the hose at the front is at a 90 degree angle or slightly forward. You’ll need to pull the hose so that you can see where a good spot would be to put the Velcro strap around the front of the 10 foot hose. Use the rubber bumper with your suspension cable as shown in the pic. The bumper will prevent the metal fittings from hitting your jet ski.

TIP:  If your jet ski is underpowered you can increase the lifting power of your jet ski dramatically by shortening the main hose. The main hose combined with the booster hose is 70 feet in length. Most people will not fly over 20 feet unless you’re a professional. You can safely shorten the main hose to 50 feet. Adding a dual impeller will also increase performance by up to 30%.

Power Flow System Assembly 1

Power Flow System Assembly 2