Do This Not That

  • DO NOT over tighten screws. Only hose and U pipe clamp screws need to be very tight. Make sure to re-torque each clamp before first use. Do it every time before you go out on the water for the day!
  • Protect your clamps and bolts with anti-corrosion coating. Even though they are stainless steel they will eventually rust from constant use in water.
  • To prevent damaging the nozzles and Y pipe inspect bearings after 20 hours of use. Replace them or lubricate if needed.
  • To prevent damaging your Wataboard (Y pipe, nozzles, flotation pods, pull pin disconnect levers) DO NOT drop or drag on the ground.
  • To prevent damaging quick release clamp levers; always lock them together with the pull pin when the board is off the swivel. The two screws that hold each lever to the bottom of the Y manifold are a bit loose. This is by design and they are locked with a thread locking glue.
  • Before starting your jet ski make sure the hose is completely extended under the jet ski. Also, make sure there are no kinks in the hose before charging the hose with water.
  • Do not drag the hose on the ground on it’s folded edge. Doing so concentrates all friction in a very small part of the area. This eventually will cause damage to the hose. To make your hose last many years make sure to drag it on it’s flat side.
  • Do not remove any support straps or ties on the EX2 flexible Y manifold.