Wataboard EX1 v3 (Complete Kit)

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Made in the USA for Extreme Hydro-flight

  • #1 in Safety! Just pull the pin below your boots and you are instantly disconnected from the board.
  • #1 in Performance. You will fly in less than 10 minutes.

Complete with everything you need and ready to fly water jet board. Just add water and your own boots/bindings. We recommend a jet ski with at least 120 HP but the more horsepower the better. This hydro-flight (flyboard) device will fit most jet boats, Sea-Doo, Yamaha Waverunner, Kawasaki, and Honda jet ski models.

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Jet Pump Universal Adapter Plate

Jet pump interface plate is often called the Universal Adapter Plate. This plate attaches to the PWC and allows the connection of the U Pipe. Some Sea Doo models have a 3-bolt pump pattern. These models are listed below. Also, this will NOT fit Sea Doo Spark or 2017+ Yamaha EX/EXR.

Sea Doo models with a 3-bolt pump pattern are listed below. Please note this is not a complete list. Check your jet ski to make sure. If the exit nozzle attaches to the pump with three bolts then you have the 3-bolt pattern.

  • 2010/2011     GTX all
  • 2010,11,14     RXT all
  • 2010/2011     Wake 215 only
  • 2009              RXT IS 255 only
  • 2009              GTX Limited IS 255 only

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Swivel (for Power Flow System)

This is a secondary swivel for the Power Flow System. It connects to the booster hose in front of the jetski. With this extra swivel you will be able to connect/disconnect the main hose at the front of the jetski. It dramatically improves hose management and hose kinks. This is a fully assembled swivel with a quick disconnect system. This swivel will only fit Wataboard products.

Quick Connect Steering Adaptor

Want to go back to jet skiing and back to flying in one minute? Then you need a Quick Connect Steering Adapter. This adapter converts  your stock venturi with steering nozzle from your jet ski to make a quick connect/disconnect steering adaptor. It lets you quickly switch from fly mode to jet ski mode. It quickly clamps on and off to the jet pump just like the U pipe allowing you full steering capability. With this adaptor you won't need to reassemble your stock parts that you took off every time you want to use your jet ski for riding. Simply bolt on your existing stock reduction nozzle and steering nozzle to this plate.

ATTENTION! This item DOES NOT come with venturi and steering nozzle as seen in the illustrations. This item is designed to work with your existing venturi and steering nozzle that came off your PWC. For iBR Sea Doo models you will need a venturi with steering nozzle from non iBR SeaDoo jetski.

Hose (Professional)

Better than any "Pro" hose out there! That's right, nothing comes close. It is even better than X-Armor. This hose is specifically designed for ultra performance. This 115mm diameter, 59 foot (18 meter) long hose is a pro rider's dream. If you need a hose that is virtually indestructible, this is it.

This hose is PU line inside and out and through the weave. It is guaranteed not to rip or delineate. The inside PU lining also increases water flow by 15% so you feel the extra thrust under our feet.

Torlon Ball Bearings

Torlon bearings are twice as hard as Delrin (standard bearings on all boards and swivel). They have a much higher wear resistance and will last much longer.

EX1 is what a flyboard water jet board should be. Wataboard EX1 fly board is everything you want in a water jet board and everything you didn't know you wanted. Fits most Sea-Doo, Yamaha Waverunner, Kawasaki, and Honda jet ski models. This kit comes complete with everything you need for flyboarding. Just add water and your own boots/bindings.

Items included are: 

1 x Jet Pump Universal Adapter Plate
1 x Standard Hose (this will be replaced if you upgrade to Pro Hose)
1 x Hose Barb Reducer (connects main hose to the U pipe)
1 x U Pipe jet redirection (this will be replaced if you're upgrading to the Power Flow System)
1 x Swivel
4 x Hose Clamps
1 x Hose Suspension Strap

Compare us to other brands

FeaturesEX1EX2Other brands
Counter rotating nozzles with optional lockYesYesX
Highest thrust to weight ratioYesYesX
High quality 115mm diameter hoseYesYesX
Thrust booster systemYesYesX
Shockproof U pipeYesYesX
3rd axis Y manifoldXYesX
Made in USAYesYesX
2 year warrantyYesYesX

Additional information

Weight110 lbs
Dimensions27 × 20 × 17 in

Jet Pump Universal Adapter Plate

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 4 in

Swivel (for Power Flow System)

Weight20 lbs

Quick Connect Steering Adaptor

Weight25 lbs
Jet Ski Connector

Honda, Kawasaki, Sea Doo, Sea Doo 3 Bolt (not common), Yamaha

Hose (Professional)

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions17 × 17 × 9 in

Torlon Ball Bearings

Weight8 lbs

Main Swivel, Secondary Swivel, Nozzles

21 reviews for Wataboard EX1 v3 (Complete Kit)

  1. Mel

    Hi Sean, we have stock ready to ship. Our connections will fit Jetovator products as well. So if you purchase the Wataboard complete kit you won’t need to buy another hose or connections. But unfortunately there are no uniform standards accross brands so they all have very different connections.

  2. Greg D.

    after reading reviews on other sites I must agree

    1 product
  3. Nick

    Thanks for shipping it to me so fast. I’m having so much fun.

    1 product
  4. Dave

    Thanks Mel for your awesome customer service. You answered my questions and then some. I’m very happy with my purchase.

    1 product
  5. Adam

    Hello! I am very interested in your product. Finally a flyboard that is reasonably priced for the everyday buyer. My only question is on jet ski control. Does your kit come with a wireless throttle controller, do you offer one or is it just responsibility of the buyer to find a throttle controller third party? Again, I am very interested and am considering to pick one up for when this weather here by the great lakes breaks.
    Thank you for your time!

    • Mel

      Hi Adam, thank you for your interest in the Wataboard. We do not currently offer a remote control. We do have one in development but it won’t be ready until next year. I recommend one made by Flyboard. It is a bit expensive but its the only one available currently.

  6. Bill B (verified owner)

    Thanks Mel, Shipping was fast, design and construction look great, assembly was a breeze. I can not wait to try it out!

    1 product
  7. Aden H (verified owner)

    One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Thanks Mel for your awesome customer service! Quality of your product is very good. I’ll be telling my friends to buy from you.

  8. Jeff

    Thank you for the good workmanship of this product. It was very cool to buy something that worked and you can work with. Everybody that tries it says it is the best thing they have ever done.

  9. Richard (verified owner)

    The Wataboard has changed our whole town. People either love to watch or want to fly. I’ve put close to 100 hrs and all the parts and pieces are holding up great. Made in the USA thanks Mel

  10. Raul

    I am very impressed by your product. Kids and I where out on the lake past weekend and smiles just kept on coming. We had a blast! Thanks Mel for such great service.

    1 product
  11. Brian (verified owner)

    I love my wataboard so easy to fly, best board on the market for a great price. Would highly recommend this product

    1 product
  12. Larry B.

    My boys and I are having so much fun! I wish I bought this last year. Thanks Mel for your fast service.

    1 product
  13. Steve L

    Great product! Half the price of anything out there and a lot of fun. My wife thought I was crazy for buying it and now she’s addicted.

    1 product
  14. Tony G

    great customer service. I had issue and it was taken care of lightning fast.

    1 product
  15. Joe

    Awesome customer service!

    1 product
  16. Nathan Grant (verified owner)

    Everything worked great although I got a hole punctured in the hose Mel took me through the step to get me back in the air in no time.
    If you do end up getting a hole use thin wire to sow back together and use marine epoxy

    1 product
  17. GUILLERMO BLANCO (verified owner)


    1 product
  18. Matt (verified owner)

    Great service! Excellent board
    I previously owned a flyboard and this wataboard tops that for sure !

    1 product
  19. Craig Monteleone

    Like everyone is saying Mel is awesome! Customer service is best in the business guaranteed. Our family will be flying for first time this weekend….we are very excited. Great product affordably priced.

    1 product
  20. Gift Chiorlu (verified owner)

    Great service! Mel was really helpful. Now I can bring this wonderful experience to Africa. Looking forward to doing more business with you. Very excited. Great product at a great price. Extreme value for money

    1 product
  21. Chad

    Just wanted to follow up and say how happy I am with the board. I had previously ridden a fly dive X board and this one is every bit as good for half the cost. Thank you for making this affordable to some who otherwise just could not justify that kind of expense!

    1 product
  22. Dave

    Customer Service is above and Beyond and great product. Highly recommend!

    1 product
  23. Shaun Smith (verified owner)

    So far so good. Really good quality.

    1 product
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