turn your jet ski into a flying machine

Wataboard hydroflight products are designed for professionals with newbies in mind. Easy to fly and easy on your wallet. Safest flyboard product in the industry. Made in the USA with high quality standards. Fits most Sea-Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki jet ski and boat models.


Wataboard EX1 and EX2 are devices commonly known as a flyboard that quickly installs onto your jet ski or jet boat. Once installed it allows the rider to literally fly in the air up to 50 feet using the water jet propulsion generated by your jet ski. It is the most fun you will ever have on the water. 

Superb Design and Quality

  1. Finely tunes end cones for maximum thrust on low power jet skies.
  2. Super buoyant flotation deck. Will always keep you above water even when connected to the hose.
  3. Fiber filled polypropylene molded nozzles. Incredibly strong and impact resistant.
  4. Dual row of ball bearings reinforced with a wear ring will insure many years of reliability. Dual o-rings for a perfect seal.
  5. Marine aluminum Y manifold for strength and durability.
  6. Quick disconnect safety system. Pull the pin and instantly disconnect yourself from the flyboard hose.
  7. Removable anti-counter rotation lock bar. Keep it on for newbies. Take it off for advanced riders.

Rated #1 by our customers!

Hiya… More feedback.:-).. the wataboard is awesome…. so much fun… your flyboard is something to be proud of. The steering nozzle adaptor works well. If anything it just seems to point downwards a little too much, wants to push the nose of the ski underwater. .. but for all intense purposes of getting out into deeper water before attaching the hose.. it does its job..


New Zealand

Very impressed by your product. Had a lot of interest in our wataboard, had about 20 people asking where to get one



Hi Mel just want to tell you I am having so much fun on your flyboard. People are asking me all the time what it is and where they can buy it. You should let me sell them here for you…


New Zealand

We’re having a great time! I am getting a rather large amount of interest in the product and a lot of questions are being asked about where to buy costs etc…



Hi Mel, your wataboard was sooo much fun. My boys and I had a blast on the lake this weekend. Do you have a dealer in the New York area? I would like to explore the opportunity…



(Review from greenhulk.net) I bought a Wataboard last summer and have had no issues thus far. Setup was easy and support from Mel during the learning curve was excellent (which was a huge point for me as a newbie). I am by no means a “pro”, but find this platform to be easy to work with. We run this thing all weekend down at the lake, from beginners to instructor level, everybody has a blast. The price point is hard to beat for what i am using it for. I would recommend this product based my experience thus far.



Wataboard vs Flyboard

Zapata Flyboard

  •  No quick disconnect safety system
  •  No large diameter jet redirection system
  • Not highest t/w ratio
  • No shockproof U pipe
  • No 3rd axis
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in France

You will not be disappointed, guaranteed!

You need a minimum of 120 HP for hydroflight devices. But the more power your jet ski has the better. Because we highly recommend that you use bindings that fit you perfect Wataboard does not come with bindings. You can use any style of wakeboard bindings that have 6 inch (153mm) bolt spacing. Just make sure they fit you perfect.